duminică, 11 mai 2008

Translate this, na d’aci!

Am incercat un experiment. Am lasat traducatorul automat al lui Google sa traduca povestile de mai jos in engleza. Asa cum stie el. Si apoi am citit. Nu am ris de ani de zile in halul asta! Spicuiesc mai jos citeva la intimplare. Suna interesant, parca ma aud vorbind cu alti romani de aici…

“Hmm… the teacher says, iritat until virful ciufului hair of the situation in which timpita has no idea what would be done. May out or better to sunam relatives? Iesim the hall, look in left, right, tipenie man. Only big doors and heavy metal of the two buildings of the university were incuiate. Hmm.. say all of us in the choir. Let's take a break, I propose, go up and down the floor intrebam on nenea from the security there are stall.

“However, I proposed to adopt indemnul. For those who know me: no ride, no rinji not smile! This is the new me!

“Here was my dilemma: I take a pot for broth or better go in Customs in uichend with that money?

“I'm very excited I imbarc together with all my valizele and to go to break tirgului mouth with fitzele my pitzipoanca americanizata what they are.

5 comentarii:

  1. Cu maxilarul in dureri de ris, las si eu acest mesaj, dar fii atenta, no rinji not smile!!

  2. You should incercati with you blog, de asemenea:))))) E fun!

  3. Mersi ca ne-ai făcut cunoştinţă cu traducătorul ăsta. Exemplific numai cu motto-ul blogului meu:

    Bring the plane,
    Aliens-nconjor me,
    Vîntul blowing cold
    And I miss the injuries.

    Poate vorbim cînd mă opresc din rîs. Understandu-m-ai?

  4. @amallia: Told-u-ti-ai, didn't I?